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What I'm working on:

For 2020, I am producing a podcast called: The One Year Audio Bible Challenge.  I am reading through the Bible in a year using voice acting and I am soundtracking each and every episode. There are many reasons why I'm doing this, but from a Creative Writing standpoint, it helps me to closely examine the emotional themes in the most enduring book in all of history.

My Master Courses



Read from a writer's perspective. In-depth analysis of plot, character, themes, and cultural background.


& Web Design

Communicate your vision to modern audiences using web design, animation, e-books, and multimedia.


for Writers

This is not your parents history class. No facts to memorize. No crazy projects. Just stories. The human story. The study of history is your well of ideas and inspiration.


The heart of our program.  The world is waiting to hear your story. From beginner to advanced, we will take you and your stories to the next level.

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