"Web Design 101: Builder Series" now on Skillshare

My 101 Course: "Web Design 101: Builder Series " is now available on Skillshare. Use my Instructor link below and get 60 days of free access.


About the course:

Taught by a Wix Certified Trainer. Learn how to build a professional, stunning website with little or no experience. No coding required for this course.  Build a site for yourself or for others. Get paid as a web designer!  Get on the fast track by getting EXPERT and CERTIFIED instruction. We will study the important concepts to consider before building a site and then we will look at effective design layouts and how to customize a Wix template. Finally, we will get your new website published by choosing a domain name and then publishing the website to the web.

You will learn to:

  • Identify SMART goals for your site

  • Decide on a Call-to-Action

  • Identify your ideal customer

  • Learn how to map out and PLAN your website

  • Create a website in 15 minutes using Wix Artificial Design Intelligence

  • Strategies web professionals use when choosing a template

  • Customize and change objects, menus, images, and text on your site

  • Add new content to your site

  • Publish your new site on the internet

  • Decide on a domain name and extension

Video Transcript:

My name is Michael Wood and I am the owner and chief web designer at Captivatim Multimedia.

Over the years I have built websites for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations. I realized during those years that people had a wealth of ideas, dreams, and goals they wanted to pursue...but there was one thing they all have in common… they all need a website. Think about. Your website is the first impression people have of your business or service. But more than that...websites drive your customers to take action. You know to buy your latest product, to make an online appointment for your services, or even make reservations for an event your hosting. What I’m saying is that your website should be MORE than just a fancy business card. It should be the frontlines of your business. It should be actively updated. It should work hard for your business so you can grow your audience and get your message out.

As a Wix Certified Trainer, I decided to design a course that it is easy enough for anyone with basic computer skills to build a professional website without writing code. In this 101 course we will plan out your website, decide on some SMART goals, identify your target audience, and then we will build a website using Wix.

How fast do you need your site? As they say, time is money. Do you have 15 minutes? I will show you how to use Wix Artificial Design Intelligence to create a stunning website in less time than it takes a pizza to be delivered to your house.

People who have taken this course often say they wish they had this information 10 years ago. And if you already have a website, let’s make it better.

I can’t wait to see the webmaster you will become at the end of this. So, let’s get started.

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