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Let's explore the Make-Up Blog template from Learn Web design along the way, from a Wix Certified Trainer.

I will teach you how to build Wix websites from concept to automation at

Great for bloggers and reviewers interested in beauty, style, and wellness.

Itching to comment on the latest brands and styles? Can't wait to share your experiences from last week's fashion event? Turn this beautiful blog template into your own by easily adding custom text and images. Tell your readers a bit about yourself, connect your social media, and quickly become an online sensation!

Partial Transcript:

So if you're joining me for the first time I am Michael Wood with Captivatim Multimedia and Web Design and I will be your guide, your tour guide today on the Wix template called “Make-up Blog”. This is a great template for anybody who is a fashion, makeup, or wellness lifestyle blogger, and you just want to show or have a great way to show your work and to have

a blog that continually updates and has an excellent interface and can adjust itself to different screen sizes. So hopefully you can learn something from here, I'm sure you will, and thank you, everyone, for joining me. Let's go ahead and get started.

I'm going to go on a little tour of the site. Let's check out all of its features and then I'll show you how to customize the site. Now, remember that when you're looking at these different components, you are going to replace each of these items with your own stuff. You know, make it yours; your own branding, your own photos. Now if you're doing some kind of health, beauty, and wellness website, you want to make sure that you're using the most authentic photos that you can. Especially if you are doing your own makeup or beauty treatments. It's good to have lots of before-and-after shots.. but this website is not just for people who do makeup.

This can also be for you if you really have a lot to say about some of the different products that are out there and for some of you, you can make quite a bit of money being sort of an affiliate for all of these different health and beauty products.

There are people who travel the world literally the world and they just basically look nice and look beautiful everywhere they go and along the way they show off some awesome beauty products that they're using. There's nothing like taking just a beautiful photo of yourself or your significant other on the beautiful mountains overlooking Spain, the gorgeous sunset, and it's just this perfect shot. What a great way to advertise this amazing skin toner that you have. And then people can click on the link and they could buy the skin toner, for example, maybe even get a discount from you and guess what? You get a percentage of that sale. If you multiply that by tens, hundreds, thousands, then that little bit of extra that you get will add up and why travel? Well not only is it great for locations, it's fun, but remember, you get to use those geotags. So if you're in Spain, you can use #Spain #Madrid or then the next week you go to Miami you can use #Miami to show where you are and so it's a great way to really build a huge audience.

But if you're going to be busy traveling the world, or you're busy making commentary on makeup and beauty products, or you're actually applying, facials to yourself or to others, you're going to want to have a website that works for you. A website that will display your work and gather leads, all in the background. The last thing you're going to want to do is to .maintain your website with so much detail you can't do any health beauty and wellness things anymore and some of you are not technicians. Well, don't worry about it. This website will take care of itself.

Let's go ahead and go through it so you can just get some great ideas on some of the features that this template will give you. Things that are already built in for you. Alright, so this website is called the "shades of pink" which is a makeup blog and there are three major sections. There's the makeup section..let me go to the live site here… there's a makeup section, as you see, when I hover the mouse over the button it lights up green. So this website does use a lot of pink and green which it should. It's called "shades of pink" right? Remember you can change all of the colors to match your personal style. So here I hover over the buttons and those are the three major sections.

I suggest you come up with three major categories for the health beauty and wellness things you do. Let me just say before I move forward that if you are a web designer then this video in this template is great for you too because once you learn how to do this template there is a huge industry out there and you can create their websites for them. So again, create this site for yourself or for others and if anything I'm talking about in this video you feel like you need more

information on, feel free to ask a question and be sure to check us out at

The link is down there in the show notes and that is the place where I can teach you to build websites from paper and pencil concept all the way to automation.  I love it when a website does all the work for you, right?

So let's get back to this template. Three major sections: makeup, skin care, and hair. When I scroll down, as you can see there's several images here and these are blog posts. Now you look at it carefully it can almost look like a magazine especially if you have really good photos so it's kind of your own personal magazine. I mean how fun would that be? To have your own personal magazine and get paid for it.

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