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Let's explore the Lifestyle Vlogger template from Learn Web design along the way, from a Wix Certified Trainer.

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Description of the template from Wix: You're fun, outgoing, and full of ideas to share with the world. This vlogger template is a sleek and stylish foundation for an official site that showcases your talent, style, and social media presence. Wix video makes it easy to upload and manage all your videos in one place., so you can focus on creating new content, boosting engagement with your community of followers, and expanding your viewership.

Partial Transcript:

Thank you for being here, I am Michael Wood with Captivatim Multimedia and Web Design and you are here live with the We're gonna be talking tonight about the lifestyle vlogger template from This is a great template for anyone who wants to produce their own shows, who wants to become a vlogger, which is, if you don't know what that is, it's a combination of the word video and blogger. So instead of writing blogs, it's someone who just takes out their camera and they just show their life and they share their passions and their interests. This is a really hot item right now on Youtube so if you even were thinking about being a vlogger or anything like that, check out this website template from I will show you the template itself we'll do a quick walk-through and then I'll show you how to customize it for your own channel. So, if that sounds great, go ahead and stay tuned guys, let's get started...

Let's go ahead and take a quick tour around the template itself. So here's the website. Obviously, at the top you would have YOUR name, again, these are made to be customized, so obviously you're not Emily Silver. You would put your name here instead. It's got a link so if I click on that, it actually will go right to the home page, or if I tend to stray away, there's always a way to come back home. So the Emily Silver is the home button. It's got a very simple menu and really what I like about this is it showcases the videos. You know, that's what a lifestyle vlogger does. They make content. The whole idea of this template is to leverage the power of Wix in the Wix backend and the Wix editor so that you only have to worry about making video content and uploading it. Once you build your site into this template, the website will just run itself. That's one of the great things I love.

This uses the Wix video management system. If you want to know more about that, check us out at the Webmaster Academy. I do a whole series on just the Wix video backend, but I'll give you a quick tour here. There's really two ways you could do this. You can use your videos, you can upload them to YouTube or Vimeo, and you would just add those videos to the playlist or you can actually upload your videos to and let Wix handle the management of your videos. What's nice about that way is then your videos are secure and there's no advertising. In fact, if you wanted to take the next step, you can actually charge people to watch your channel. Especially if you're a consultant or a coach. You can actually put a payment wall in front of your videos. I won't talk about that on this episode, because this template is not a paid video template. I just wanted you to be aware of some of the possibilities that are out there.

So here we have the main video that's got text laid over the top so you would go ahead and put whatever text is appropriate to your channel and you can just click watch now so it's a full-screen image and when I click on "watch now", you get this lightbox that opens up. It gives you some basic statistics over here on the right and if I play the video, okay, so you may not have heard all the music because I have the computer sound off, but you might have heard a little'll go ahead and play the video. You obviously want to put your best video front and center and so your latest and greatest can go right here on the cover. Or maybe an introduction video, if you're new to vlogging.

The other interesting feature is down here on the bottom right, they have this "chat with us" box if I click on this arrow, it comes up, and you could type in a message. Now if you're out there vlogging because you're hanging off a cliff somewhere and you're doing a selfie, you can't answer this little chat box, right? So part of it is this kind of this Robo chat. So there are automated responses that you can plug in and especially frequently ask questions and it will respond the best it can. But you will get those messages in your email so you could always respond to these messages remotely. You don't have to be in front of your computer to actually interact with your audience and it's that immediacy, that's really getting a lot of leads in modern websites. So the chat box is already built in for you.

I'm going to scroll down and it has this a little bit a paragraph about you. You can click on "read more" and that jumps to the "about page" where you'll have a picture of yourself, a little paragraph about who you are, and contact information. I like this, that they put in the business inquiries and public relations management. I like that because they already thought about those kind of things. You may not have thought of writing down business inquiry information, but there you go. They already thought it out. You just have to change the information.

Let's go back to the home page. When I click on read more, it goes to about. Now here's the most important part. It's the vlog, right? What's interesting is you could take your videos and you can actually sort them into different playlists you can do this on YouTube as well. I just like the power to be able to make that playlist a little bit more of a showcase now you might wonder why do you need a website if you're already on YouTube well they really go hand-in-hand you always want to have some kind of headquarters for people to go to where they can find the latest information YouTube is part of the equation you really want both and there's no reason why you can't do both in fact you can link your YouTube videos right into the Wix video manager you don't have to use Wix hosting for the videos at least so here we have a playlist of selected videos and it's got a very sleek navigation menu here that'll go through the different whatever you have on your playlist and then there's another playlist here so you could take your major ideas and build them out right here

Then it has an Instagram feed so what's nice about this is you can go ahead and post all your videos and images on Instagram and once you link your account these photos will automatically populate your website so you could just be out there on your phone, taking videos, posting them to Instagram, and your website is handling everything in the background. It's that automation that really makes a huge difference in running your business.

Down at the bottom, it has a subscribe area. So what happens if somebody types in their email address?  Wix will collect those emails and then you'll have a lead list and from that list, you can export to your own email provider or you can use Wix Shoutouts and send out newsletters to your lead list.  Your website's automatically collecting those leads for you. It's really quite a simple site: the home page which is a very long scrolling page, the vlog that just basically jumped down to that part of the homepage, and then the about page.  I mean what more do you need on your site? It's all about you, and your videos...and your passion, don't forget that.

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