Drone Store E-Commerce Template from Wix - Web Design - Tutorial

Follow along with a Wix Certified Trainer as we explore the Drone Store e-commerce template from Wix.com. Learn web design along the way.

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Partial transcript: Hello everybody, welcome to the show. Welcome to Tuesday training. We're gonna be looking at a Wix template today. This one is called the Drone Store E-commerce template. Even if you don't sell drones, if you want to sell anything, I think it'll be worth your time to take a look at this brand new template from Wix.com, so stay tuned. I look forward to this time we have together.

All right, once again, we are here at the Webmaster Academy I'm Michael Wood, the Wix Certified Trainer for today. If you haven't met me before, I am the owner of Captivatim Multimedia and Web Design and I could show you how to build stunning and professional websites from concept to automation at the academy just head on down to https://www.alpha-writing.com/web-design

0:01:19.630,0:01:25.900 Today we're gonna be looking at the Drone E-commerce store which is one of the brand new templates from Wix.com

First we're gonna do a quick preview of the website and then we're gonna go under the hood. If you like this video be sure to give me a like or a comment. It always helps me to know some of the things that you're enjoying. If you're watching the replay go ahead and ask a question and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

0:02:10.929,0:02:18.069 Let's take a look at this website. First of all, it's a beautiful site. Very visual. And that's what I like about some of the new modern designs. The other thing is you want to make sure your website's designed and optimized for mobile devices so I actually zoomed out on this site just so you can see it better. Here it is with the proper zoom which is at 100% So up in the top left hand corner we have the logo. Remember, you don't have to sell drones to use this template. The whole idea of a template is to just simply swap out the items with your own customizations and you could sell just about anything on the same template. So just swap this out with your customizations. If you click on the logo it'll actually take you back to HOME. That's a good little web design practice. They have a subscribe list up at the top for you to get news and updates. We have a phone number and there's a shopping cart with the number of items in the cart. Yes, Wix does have shopping carts and e-commerce.

0:03:30.920,0:03:35.890 Now a lot of times you have to pay a little extra for the e-commerce plans mostly because you need a secure server to handle financial transactions. Right now on the right is an image of your product. Here we have professional drone solutions. The call to action button is right here, and they want you to buy so the button says "shop now" I talked a lot about call-to-action buttons at the Webmaster Academy. You always want to pick one action you want all your visitors to take, so "shop now" is an appropriate call to the action. Let's go ahead and scroll down... We have edge to edge photos here and they go all the way across the screen and as you can see, they are touching each other here, so they're borderless images. You can "shop now" for their latest product and their other latest product here, which are the accessories so you want to kind of put the latest and greatest in this box and then if you have accessories put that here. These are the top brands that they carry and you would swap these icons out with your own. You also have a list of the best sellers and I believe this is automated, but I will go under the hood in a few minutes. Okay, so as you could see, I hover over each of the images and they offer a quick view,so I'll click on "quick view" and a light box shows up.

0:05:13.020,0:05:18.809 The outside edges are dimmed and you could see a better image of the product, in fact, if I hover my mouse over, you get a real nice detail of the product. It also has a regular price with a line slash through it and then the regular price. All of this will be done on the back end. The visitor can select their quantity and they can go ahead and add it to their cart. They'll have the product name and a SKU number and again all of this will be handled on the back end and doesn't have to be handled on the website directly. Then they have a section for new products so bestsellers and new products is a great way to get in front of people the things that matter.

You might have a store with 20 items, a hundred items, maybe only five things...and you want a way to really present the best. This is your storefront. So that's the way you showcase some new items or a new sale. You have a best seller section and the new product section. There's a row here for testimonials and you can actually add images or customize this any way you see fit.

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