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Use Filmstro to create a custom soundtrack

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Hi everyone, I'm Michael Wood with Captivatim Multimedia and let me ask you.. have you ever wanted to create a custom soundtrack for your video projects? Now I'm not just talking about dropping down a royalty-free music track you found somewhere on the Internet. We've all done that. And believe me, I understand if that's what you do. I've been doing that for 20 years as a Content Creator. It's just that now there's a better way. Look, I know this sounds like a commercial, I'm really not trying to be a commercial here, it's just that I found this amazing tool that I've been using to create custom soundtracks for my projects, and so, well, I want to pass that on to you. So that's why I developed this course.

Now when I say custom soundtrack I mean really custom. For example, if your video is 2 minutes and 17 seconds, then your soundtrack should be 2 minutes and 17 seconds. You know, it should be customized exactly to your video. But not just the length, but the drama of your video as well. I mean think about this for a moment. If you're truly making great videos, either for yourself, or for others, then you know you need to have dramatic moments all throughout your video. There are parts that should be faster and action-packed, right? While other parts need to be a bit more slow and contemplative because you're asking your viewers to think deeply about a particular subject. Well I say, a truly custom soundtrack should match all of those moments and not just one type of music. You should be able to create a custom soundtrack using anything from Pop or Dance, Metal, Classical, even Ambient music. That's right. I think when you're listening to those birds chirping in the forest, they should go along with your video too.

The tool that I've been using is actually called Filmstro. And no, I don't work for the company at all. Again, as a Content Creator I just wanted to share with you a tool that I've been using for my projects. Filmstro allows you to build custom soundtracks and you use things like momentum, depth, power, and volume. Filmstro is a standalone service. It's an app that you download to your desktop and they also have a mobile app. But here's the cool part. You can actually plug it right into Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. It's okay if you don't have those two programs. The principles of creating a custom soundtrack still apply here.

In this course I will show you how to build a custom soundtrack using those elements of momentum, depth, power, and of course, making volume changes. I will show you how to create sound maps so that way you can match the beats of the song directly to your video and it's going to sync up perfectly. One of the best parts is you do not have to have musical experience or even composition experience to be able to use this tool. Think about it. If you wanted to have a video that builds up in energy or maybe you just want a sudden burst of power - boom - like your logo just showed up on the screen and you want the music to really be raging...Well this tool allows you to make those kinds of changes.

Now as an added bonus for those of you who finish the course, I added a final lesson at the end of the course that will give you a super power tip. I don't know what else to call it! All I could say is it will make you a soundtrack superstar and it's going to save you hours of work. But I saved it to the end. I know you can go jump to the end right now and check it out but I'm telling you, it won't make much sense and you're not going to see the value of it until you actually go through the course. Those who do get to the end, check out my super awesome tip. I'm telling you, minds are just blown.

I think we're going to have a real good time. I think YOU'RE going to have a good time creating your own custom soundtracks. I really look forward to working with you. Go ahead and jump into the class and I'll see you in the next lesson.

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