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Let's explore the carpentry and services template from with a Wix Certified Trainer. We will explore the template, see its features, and discuss ways you can customize the template for your product or service.  This is a basic 5-page design which is suitable for most small business websites.  No need to be a carpenter for this template, as that only serves as the example. 

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Partial Transcript:

I am Michael Wood at the Webmaster Academy. We're going to do a quick tour of this Carpentry template from This is good for anyone who is providing any kind of service and you can learn how to design your own site or sites for others. This is just a quick overview. If you want to know more details on how to go from concept all the way to automation, then check us out.

This is the Welcome to Timberland which is a fictitious business that sells carpentry services. The first thing I want to do is give you a tour through the website.

Let's take a look at some of the features:

First of all, you'll notice it's a full-screen photo as you could see right here, Welcome to Timberland, the title is laid on top with a description right underneath. Obviously, you could change it to whatever service you're providing. Beautiful full-screen photo, this is actually a really good image in that it's blurred About 3/4 of it is blurred. Which makes the text pop so if you do have a full-screen photo you have a few options

You can blur it, just like this example or you can put a black transparency or white transparency over the photo so that your text comes out more. In this case, we just did a blur effect, and it's a full screen.

There's more to this website, but I have to scroll down to get to that part. At the top is the call to action which is to call the service. This is not in e-commerce site. This is a service provider. Their call the action is to get phone calls, so if that's your main mode, then this is something that you're gonna want to consider. This is not a one page design like we've seen in the past. This is actually a multi-page design. You have the "about us", "services", "gallery", and "contact page". It's about five pages. This is really good for an average small business or startup website. If you want to know what pages you should have, just borrow off of this template.

It's not this huge one-page website. It's just a title page, and that's it. You have the Social media icons in the lower right and you have the copyright and credits.

Let's go to "about us"

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