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Let's explore the Accountancy Services template from with a Wix Certified Trainer. We will explore the template, see its features, and discuss ways you can customize the template for your product or service. This is a basic 2-page design which is suitable for most consultant websites. No need to be an accountant for this template, as that only serves as the example.

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Partial Transcript:

Welcome everybody. Welcome to the Webmaster Academy we're gonna be looking at the Wix template on an Accountancy Firm and you don't have to be an accountant to use this template. Again, just like any template, you're going to customize it to meet your needs. This is an excellent template if you provide any kind of consultancy- - consultant business for other businesses and services. It's a very basic website, but at least you can get a good foundation of what your site or if you're building site for others, what the basic foundation should be. So check out this template. It's the Accountancy Services template from

If you haven't met me yet, I am Michael Wood and I am the owner and chief web designer at Captivatim Multimedia and Web Design where we do web designs for others, but I also show you how to create a website from A to Z ,from concept to automation at the Webmaster Academy. Just head on down to to find out more details on how you can learn how to build websites for yourself or for others. Check out our free trial for more details. All right, let's get into this template from on an accountancy firm. I pulled up this page because it was the most interesting. I'm going to go to the home page and let's just take a quick tour of the website itself. It starts off with this big giant black banner here. There isn't much to see... there is the simple title of the consultancy. In this case, it's an accounting firm and accountancy. They have a quote, you know, basically their vision. "It's not just about the numbers we know what your money needs." What I like about this is that it has the Call to Action and it's not huge. It's just off to the side right here. It says "let's talk" So in this case, if I click on "let's talk" The call the action brings in this pop-up window where you can put in your name, email, phone number, and a message and they have their contact information there as well.

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